why we do what we do.

Raw black from American Orphans. Photo by Ann Wang

Life back to Boston has been insanely busy. I've shoot single dads, wrestling groups, more family portraits for the refugee families and rap singer Raw Black from American Orphans. And at the same time sharing stories from the Green Harbor and working on editing a video trailer for the project, which is about a boarding school only for HIV positive children in Shanxi, China.

There has been a lot of up and downs in these two months. I realized a lot of people hate or don't understand our job as a photojournalist. Thinking we show no respect to our subject or all we want is to expose dark side of society.  The dark side part unfortunately is a big part of our job, but we do it for a reason - to create awareness, to show the public the problems in our society.

If we dont talk about the conflicts, if we dont put a face on the problem, if we simply avoid the trouble.  Does that mean we live in a peaceful world?

Here is a good pieces by Tim Matsui, who won the multimedia award from the World Press Photo Award and POYi(picture of the year), explaining why he is not celebrating receiving the awards and why he is doing his job.

I Just Won a World Press Photo Award and a POYi, But I’m Not Celebrating


please try to understand what is the real purpose of our job, or should i call it passion?