"Yeah, I have no friends"

(almost)no one showed up at my bday dinner in Taiwan last year.  I was left with a table of food for six people and a broken heart.

If I remembered it right, I drunk dial-cry-yailed at the friend that didn't show up. And I wanted to go home with the friend that was nice enough to show up and just wanted to make sure I get home safely. (to my defense, I just didn't want to go home to my grandma's drunk)

"Yeah, I have no friends."

I think I pretty much give up on having a "normal" friendship, as in hanging out after school/work, celebrate birthdays, attend weddings...etc. It just not possible. I move to a different cities or countries every couple years. And I hate doing things on the phone.

Which is why this years Bday was so special.

I had friends, we ate, we drink, they danced, we laughed. I made a wish, hoping everyone thats in this room their dream will come true one day :)