The ultimate cure for stress

Most of the time, I felt like studying and (trying) to complete projects for school has already taken up all my time and energy. Why am i doing a 15 hr/week internship across the Charles river at Harvard University?

I barely have time to have a proper meal, let alone do laundry.

Therefore, I must quit.

But completing assignments or simply walking around Harvard University, chatting and taking photos of people I encountered on the streets.  Actually helps with the stress.

Heres a couple of people that I met so far:

"Me and my daughter both studied painting at Saint Petersburg, Russia. Its the best place to learn art."

"Next time Ill draw the nest in the lion's mouth."

Artiest Maria Bablyak and her mom painting at the Center of European Suteid at Harvard University.

By Ann Wang

"Hey, you want to see a trick?" said Matthew Miller '18 at Harvard Yard. By Ann Wang

"I can usually hold for more than 10 seconds!". 

"I'm a pole vault athletic at Harvard University."