Halloween @ Harvard University

I had no assignment that day. But its Halloween! so i give myself an assignment, one hour, ten people in costume in Harvard University. (trust me, its not that easy to find in this top university...)Here are some of the results :)

Lorena Benitez, '17. It took her one week to make her costume for Halloween. Photo By Ann Wang

Almamac Bride, 17". "Im Elliott from the E.T movie." Photo By Ann Wang

Annaleah Ernst,  17". Daft Punk. Photo By Ann Wang

Mac Schumer, '17. "Halloween is my favorite festival. Im a mime this year and it took me 2 hours to do the make up. " said Mac. Photo By Ann Wang

akob, Lindaas '13. Waldo. Photo By Ann wang

Yuen-Joyce Liu, LS1a TF.  Photo by Ann Wang

Harvard Department of Music facility has been doing Halloween celebration for the past 10 years.  Eva Kim, Head of the Charles. Photo by Ann Wang