上班族 - the business man

上班族means businessman in chinese, but you only think about the "normal" type of businessman, in suits, standing half asleep in the subway, walking while talking on their phone. sitting in a cube, facing the computer...etc.

This series of photos is dedicated for "the other" businessman", the one you barely notice but will always be there, doing their jobs just as usual :)

going to work

at work

owing the place like a grandpa

My year in Taiwan

During my "locked down" year in Taiwan ( passport issues).  This is (one of the things) that i do, running a ebook project for a NPO.

The schools that i work with is aways in the countryside,  I get to really see the purest side of Taiwan.  Up in the mountains of 新竹, deep in the indigenous tribe or small schools on the coastal line, or schools in the middle of a huge pineapple filed! :)

I teach the teacher how to use a tablet,  how to use the ebook system , how to instal apps, how to borrow books online at Taiwan National digital Library...etc.

Because its a one-woman team, I also have to document the events...which means, i have to at take care of about 10 tablets, bad internet, 15ish "over-excited" kids, clues teachers, and hold a camera.

Which is also why i "have" to show this photo:

(because its the probably the only photo that can prove Im actually "working")


my year in Taiwan.